Sunday, April 5, 2020

Courthouse Steps

A while back I decided to make some scrappy, wonky courthouse step blocks from Bonnie Hunter's tutorial. When I went looking for scraps, I came across some fabric left from a backing. There was enough for the blocks so I changed directions a little and made non-scrappy, regular courthouse step blocks. 
Yes, it was folded.
I finished the top a while ago and finally finished the quilting just before I began making face masks. It then took a while to get the binding sewn on. And now it is finished!

This donation quilt is 56" square. 

I free motioned a feather 'circle' in the white areas using  Aurifil #2600 Dove thread,

some horizontal meandering in the colored areas using Aurifil #2785 navy, 

and a loopy meander in the borders using the Dove thread.

The backing is from my stash; I thought the colors went well with the front and I really like wild, colorful backs.


I'm taking a break from making face masks since I'm waiting for supplies specifically non-woven interfacing. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow. In the meantime, I've pinned a few quilts and quilted two that now need to be bound. I have two to put borders on and a few others in various stages of construction. It's time to get the piles cleared! Of course, when supplies arrive, all of the quilting will be halted again.

How are you holding up with this Staying At Home? I really thought it would be easier than it is because  I like being home. I guess I also like the freedom to go wherever, whenever I want and spend time with people. Even going to the grocery store is strange - only one of us goes now and wears a mask. We also only buy groceries every 10-14 days. We see very few people and although I'm not one to spend much time talking on the phone, I talk on it most if not all days now. Ray has a doctor appointment for his shoulder on tomorrow - it will be done by phone. 

Take Care and Stay Safe!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Love those bright, bold colours and your quilting is superb!

  2. This quilt finished up great! I have the wonky one to quilt now.
    I agree about being home. Even though I am home a lot, being forced to stay in is odd/strange. Luckily it is warm enough here to enjoy some outside time each day. Shopping is Russ's job now, and I am on the phone with him when he shops. LOL....he almost has it down now.

  3. That backing fabric made for a bright and cheerful quilt front!! I may have to try your (altered) version of Bonnie's pattern instructions, too.

  4. The only sewing I've been doing is face masks. I'm tired of making them, and I have a couple more to finish (including mine with sewing machine theme fabric). I haven't been working, but hope to get a day a week starting next week. My son now works at a grocery store (over night stocking) so I just send a list with him and he shops for me. I still get out, since I'm the one in my little guild that is collecting all the face masks everyone is making. When I'm out, I try to pick up lunch somewhere, to help out the restaurants. Nice quilt. Looks like you planned it all.



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