Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Harry Potter Quilts and Pillows

While we were in Canmore, AB, Canada, last spring, I bought a panel with the four house crests of Hogwarts, the Harry Potter boarding school. I thought I would make pillows or wallhangings. When I showed them to our "Harry Potter" grandson, he requested a quilt. Since he has bunkbeds, that meant two quilts. I made pillows from the other two crests.

First is the Slytherin pillow. Both pillows are quilted with a walking foot and cross-hatch stitching with black 50-weight Aurifil thread.

I added some meaningful script to each item but it is rather hidden - black thread writing on black fabric. A motto for Slytherin could be "Do what is necessary" - you might be able to see it here on the top of the pillow..

A couple of Slytherin traits are resourceful and intellegent. Maybe you can read the intelligent.

This is the  Ravenclaw pillow. 

The motto could be "Do what is wise".

A couple of Ravenclaw traits are clever and creative.

The back of both pillows are the same. This is the same fabric as the backing on the quilts. The covers are easily removable for laundering.

The first quilt is the Gryffindor quilt. It's 70" by 90".

The quilts were rather labor intensive. You can read a little about the process here. I designed the quilts but I didn't think about how I was going to add the black stripes. It worked out though so I'm happy! I used a walking foot and black 28-weight Aurifil thread. It was fun using a heavier thread - you can see it - and my Juki sewed great with it.

I used black 50-weight Aurifil thread (a thinner thread) for crosshatching the crest.

I added a Gryffindor motto above the crest: "Do what is right".

Below the crest are some traits of Gryffindors: brave, loyal, smart.

The backing is the same black grunge stars as the pillows.

The Hufflepuff quilt is also 70" by 90".

I used 28-weight #2600 Dove (gray) to quilt this in the same manner as the Gryffindor quilt.

I used black 50-weight Aurifil thread (a thinner thread) for crosshatching the crest.

The backing is the same black grunge stars as the pillows and the Hufflepuff quilt.

A Hufflepuff motto might be "Do what is nice".

Some Hufflepuff traits are kind, loyal and honest.

Grandson G likes everything so it was well worth my efforts.


  1. They turned out fabulous! Even Professor McGonagall would be impressed I think! Of course with a Grandma like you your grandson will forever belong to Hogwarts.
    I know the quilts were a labor of love---strength and endurance too---but they are so great. The pillows turned out great too. I love that you included the characteristics of each house....so special.

  2. You are the bestest grandmother ever! The quilts are fabulous and will be loved for a long, long time.

  3. All four turned out great! Of course your grandson loves them. I love the added words and phrases.



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