Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Making Harry Potter Quilts

I am making two Harry Potter themed quilts. The twin-size quilts are for a bunkbed. The first one is a Gryffindor quilt with scarlet and gold. I designed the quilts to have a crest in the middle surrounded by squares of color. I found the crests at Sugar Pine Company in Canmore, AB, CAN, in May. 

I decided the squares should be set on a diagonal. Here is one of the 26 strips for the first quilt.

Each square will have a small strip of black in both directions. I decided to do the addition of the black when I could add the black to an entire scarlet/gold strip at a time. So I cut each strip down the middle

and added a 1" piece of black that will finish at 1/2".

After adding the strip, I pressed the seam open.

Then I needed to match the pieces (there is LOTS of pinning),

pressed to set the seam (there is LOTS of pressing),

and pressed to open the seams (there really is LOTS of pressing).

This is the last strip for the first quilt!

Some strips are sewn together.

Just a few have the black going in the second direction - I have a long ways to go. When the black strips are all added, I will add the crest to the center of the quilt. I'm hoping this all goes as planned.

Using the same design, I've started the second quilt, the Hufflepuff one, with black and yellow fabric. The yellow can be anywhere from light yellow to gold. I'm using the same gold in both quilts. Instead of black strips, this one will have 1/2" gray strips. 

Every so often, I just want to do some free-motion quilting so I'm keeping this quilt under the needle of the Juki. I try to spend a little time each day working on it.

We are getting thunderstorms this morning - a perfect day to be quilting!


  1. Oh my....you are really on a roll. I do love your technique for these. Yes, it looks intense for the construction, but the results are looks great! A couple of Potter fans will love them.

  2. Big Harry Potter fans in our family. Those quilts are looking good so far.



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