Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A lot has been going on...

This is a wonderful day.
I've never seen this one before.
- Maya Angelou

Ray had his left rotator cuff operated on about 18 years ago. It was an excruciating recovery and at the time, he made the comment that he would never have the right one, which was already torn, repaired. I guess we should never say never. The right one is so painful that he has to have it fixed. We have spent the last few weeks "getting ready". There have been lots of doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions (which didn't help but insurance dictates that, generally, you have to try everything before you have surgery). Ray's EKG was a little irregular so we added a few cardiologist appointments and a test this AM. The cardiologist has now cleared him for surgery.  Ray also really wants some outside things ready for winter. The days are generally crazy! Surgery is only a couple of days away.

In the middle of all of this, we both have had birthdays. They seem to come fast but we are grateful that they keep coming!

I have found minutes for quilting most days. I looked through this book by Kim Brackett a while back

and decided to make this.

Here is a close up of the simple blocks.

I made a bunch of strips and put three strips together but I goofed!

I rearranged.

The only way these were correct is if I used the wrong side and that wasn't going to work!

So I redesigned the block.

Putting four blocks together resulted in this.
The quilt is together in this photo but not well pressed. I used bonus triangles (from the ends cut off after joining pieces on the diagonal) to make the border. This is now in the "to pin/sandwich" pile.

I was going to make a courthouse steps log cabin block from various scraps. I came across this colorful fabric that was leftover from a quilt backing. There is enough to make the whole quilt so I will use scraps but it won't be scrappy! The center block will be various navy fabrics. (These photos were taken at night - sorry)

I have 6 blocks done.

I also finished putting the blocks together for this quilt and added a red border. It is now in the "to pin/sandwich" pile.

I've been playing with some scraps making log cabin blocks. Each block will finish as a 4" square. I have a ways to go.

I also finished this sweater. I think this is my first selfie in a mirror. The pattern is called Xstatic by Isabell Kraemer. I used Venezia Sport by Cascade Yarns. It is 70% merino wool and 30% silk.

I'm not crazy about the neckline; I prefer a higher neck on sweaters. I tried the sweater on as I was making it and I must not have had the shoulders where they belonged because I thought the neckline was higher. I do love the finish on the neck though. 

I'm not sure what the next few weeks will be like but we'll be looking for wonderful days.


  1. Well, dang don't you hate those critical type cuts that can just screw up your block! I have a box of miscuts like that, wonder if I could turn them into something? Probably not. I love all your log cabin and courthouse step blocks....great colors too. And the saved pinwheels are fun. Like the sweater....it looks great on :)
    Happy birthday to you both and prayers for Rays surgery. I know how scary it is. Let us know how he does.

  2. I like your redesigned block better! Happy belated birthday to you both and I hope the surgery goes well and the recover is much better and faster than the last time.

  3. Way to drop back and punt with that cutting goof. Congrats on your gorgeous sweater finish!! Best of luck with Ray's surgery and recovery.

  4. Good save on those blocks. I hope the surgery went well. Sorry, I'm way behind again.



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