Thursday, February 15, 2018

All day in the sewing studio . . .

All day in the sewing studio is not always as much fun as it sounds. I decided to clean the craft closet in the cutting/fabric room. It's time to clean out everything - we're having a garage sale in May. It will probably take me until May to get all this cleaning done! 

The closets in this room are dormer closets and they hold a lot but really - this much from one closet????

Finally, an empty closet. 

After sorting things out, Ray helped and we got much more in the closet than I took out! It is so nice to once again be able to walk into the closet and find what I want.

The cutting/fabric room survived

 although more cleaning will eventually take place in here.

Interesting that I found some things I forgot I had - a few leader/ender quilts in progress and more. That WIP pile was kind of empty . . .


  1. You sure did a great job! Nice to see your space. Are your sewing machines in a different room? Would love to see your set up for sewing!

  2. Wow. That now looks inviting! Fabulous job to get everything back into place. Now the challenge is to keep it so......if only mine would.

  3. My sewing room closet is the largest in the house, and you can only get just inside the door. Sad. I need to clean both it and my sewing room. Yours looks nice now.

  4. What a fantastic space!! I'm dreaming of one like this (after DS2 moves out) directly across from my current studio. All in good time!



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