Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How I spent my money...

On our way home yesterday, we enjoyed lunch with Ray's brother and his lovely lady. It's always fun to spend time with these two.

Thought I should include a picture of us too. Can you tell the guys are brothers? Ray is older by 14 months.

I promised to share my treasures from our trip to Missouri Star Quilt Company. I went with a list this time and didn't stray too much!

First, I have four layer cakes for children's quilts.

This flannel layer cake is for a baby quilt with the yellow dot flannel as a border. The orange/red Minkee (in the background) will be the back and the orange/red fabric on the right will be the binding.

The two navy flannel pieces are for borders on some flannel quilts that are works in progress. The knitting sheep fabric was an impulse purchase. I think it will make a great knitting project bag or two.

I needed a few notions; I really did need the needles and the batting tape. The quilting gloves will be used when my current ones wear out. Those red glasses were already used today! They help see the tonal value of different colors.

I didn't plan to buy clothing but I did! I really wanted the dark teal t-shirt but they only had very large sizes. The pink shirt is a t-shirt while the gray shirt is a hooded sweatshirt.

I was given the bracelet chain on the right when I walked into the main shop. You can purchase charms but you get free ones when you spend a certain amount at one time. I evidently spent the required amount three times!

On our way home, we stopped in Cameron, Missouri at Crossroads Quilting. I bought this paper piecing pattern. This was an impulse purchase but something I've thought about doing for some time. I hope to begin it later in the summer.

Yesterday we stopped at Delve in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I wanted more of the fabric that is on the far left and they had it! The yellow fills a spot in my stash while the piece on the right was just neat - definitely an impulse purchase! 

Now we are home - we are unpacked, the laundry is done, we have groceries, and we are on the move. Yup, the calendar has something on it for most days. I also have a couple of big non-quilting projects coming up - we are back to reality! 

I did find a little time to begin that baby quilt today. I hope to have it done or very close to done by the end of June.


  1. Love all your goodies....great fabrics to work with. How cool to get all those charms. But the thing I love best are the glasses! I love to see others get the importance of value in fabrics, and they are such a help. So glad you went with a plan:)

  2. I'd say you did quite well! And yes, there's no denying that those guys are brothers! Sadly, back to reality now. Hopefully you'll find plenty of time to play with your new goodies.

  3. I went to the quilt store in Cameron, years ago, when my son was still in college. Nice store. Enjoy your goodies. When I used to go on shop hops, I took a list, and tried to stick to it (except when I found sewing themed fabrics).

  4. I haven't been receiving any of your posts lately, so am now trying to catch up! Can't believe you went to Missouri lucky you are! Great treasures you bought!



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