Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dinosaur quilt done and more stash busting...

The Dinosaur Flannel Quilt is finished. You may recall that I am trying to clean out some of my stash. Everything used for this quilt is from my stash.

This quilt is 47" square and has Dream Cotton batting. We aren't having great weather so all photos are done inside. I just finished a Craftsy class - The Secrets of Free-Motion Quilting with Christina Cameli so I decided to try out a few of the designs.

The backing is a blue flannel with darker blue dots. The binding is orange cotton. 

I think the binding really helped bring out the colors in this donation quilt.


I am still in the clean it out - use it up mode. I decided to focus on blue cotton fabric for awhile.
I still have lots of flannel
. I went through ALL of my blue fabric and chose my least favorites.  I also grabbed most of the smaller pieces which were some of my favorites. My big criteria was that the fabric was blue or blue and white - no other colors. During the process, I found some other cut up pieces and a leader/ender quilt in progress that got hidden away! Oh my!

I pressed the blues and cut most into 2 1/2" strips. There are over 100 WOF strips. There are a few hundred strips that are shorter than WOF - anywhere from 5" to 30" long. Most are well over 20" long. There are some 2" squares, 2 1/2" squares, 4 1/2" squares, 3 1/2" triangles for HSTs, and some circles. And there are many strings - strips that are 1" to 2" wide and varying lengths.

Here is a photo in the midst of my pressing/cutting/sorting.

During all this, I told Ray that I thought my fabric stash was out of control. I asked if he had anything in his life that was so out of control. With a smile, he said yes - his wife!

In all, I've cut up between 19 - 20 yards of blue fabric. The good part is that I can now close both drawers that contain blue fabric! Of course I have a zillion strips to store somewhere.

I think a Jelly Roll Race Quilt is next up - blue, of course, maybe with a little yellow. Yes, I have yellow fabric...

Will this use what you have phase ever end???


  1. What a wondeful baby quilt! You did a wonderful job of quilting it with those designs. Can't wait to see those gorgeous blues sewn into a quilt!

  2. I need to make a dinosaur quilt for my BFF's grandson. He loves dinosaurs.



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