Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blue Jelly Roll Race with Brights

The first blue jelly roll race quilt is done. There are two - I'm not as fond of the other one (no photos yet) but it will get finished. It needs to be sandwiched and quilted. These are both made from the blue stash that I've been clearing out. 

For this finished quilt, I decided to use only strips that read solid so I had to use some of the shorter strips too. I found some 2 1/2" bright colored squares It's amazing what I find in my studio! and decided to put one in between each strip. 

For the back, I used a bright print that I bought in Sault Set Marie, Ontario, Canada last spring.  The binding is left over pieces from other projects. Am I the only one that saves all of my leftovers so I can use them later?

I used Dream Cotton batting and quilted this in straight lines with my walking foot.

This is a donation quilt and I hope someone finds it bright and cherry.


I've now attacked my red fabric! I have about 12 yards, mostly fat quarters, that I plan to gift to friends. The rest is cut in 2 1/2" strips, 3 1/2" pieces/strips, strings, and 5" squares. I think I've removed about 25 - 27 yards of red fabric. The good news is that I can now close the red fabric drawer! 
Sorting reds while many blue strips remain on design wall.

I've already kitted one quilt using 5" red squares and 2" red squares with white surrounding them. The next idea is for a Lasagna quilt using the 3 1/2" pieces and strips.

Here are the 3 1/2" strips. I was sorting by fabric - there are MANY!

I have started the Lasagna Quilt. This is similar to a Jelly Roll Race but each row is pieced and then the rows are sewn together. I'm thinking that I have plenty of fabric to do more than one.

I have a large drawer where I have decided to keep my 2 1/2 " strips. At last count there were over 300 strips -  someday I plan to use them! I also have all of the strings in a VERY large basket. The next time my grandsons are here and want to sew, I think we'll work on string blocks. 

I do like organization and I feel that I am slowly regaining control of my stash...


  1. have lots of reds, and I approve of gaining control over it all. The lasagna quilt is looking so good, and should clear some stash.
    Love the brights in your blue jelly roll quilt. That turned out great with the mix of light and dark and accent squares.

  2. That's a lot of red fabrics! They will sew up into some really pretty quilts.



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