Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stash Busting

I have to do some stash busting! I mean I am out of room to store fabric! I thought about this and decided to clear out the flannels. Ha! This is going to take a while! I did begin ...

My stash of flannels includes one piece of yellow that is large and has never been cut. Otherwise, every piece has been used for something and I have the leftovers. 

First I took ALL of the dark colors except 2 Christmas prints  and used my Baby GO which I hardly ever use to cut 4 1/2" half square triangles.  Then I cut up the only light piece I had. I also bought another 4 yards of light and cut it up. I have a peck of cut up fabric!

I have sewn a few squares and will get these eventually done as leaders and enders. I know I have plenty for two quilts and maybe more. My inspiration for this quilt is my friend Lesley's quilt, Hugs, at The Cuddle Quilter. I just had to put a few pieces on the design wall and make sure I'd like it.

There was still a lot of flannel left in the flannel drawers so I decided to cut some of the children's flannels into squares. I found the dinosaur fabric was already cut into border pieces. This isn't a favorite quilt but it will work for some child when it is finished. It will be very snuggly.

I had a few blue/green and green elephants and a little green and some blue/green. Again not a favorite quilt but it will be snuggly. Can you see that I didn't have quite enough blue/green for the top and bottom stripes? I think this is the way our grandmothers used to make quilts!

I had just a little of the cute animals so I put this together.

Then I was in trouble because none of the other flannels went with it. I finally decided to use cottons. I will put a flannel back on it. This was going to be the finished quilt but I decided that it didn't look finished.

I had just enough red with one seam to put a piece on both ends.

I  think that's enough stash busting of flannels for this week! I think I used up 15 - 20 yards. Of course I bought 4 yards. Now I have a pile of quilts needing backing and quilting.  AND I have a little room in my fabric storage!


  1. I love "the peck" of flannel cut up! You mentioned your Baby Go. do you like it? I am really re-thinking that I need a Go cutter as I have problem with rotary cutter now. My hubby has been cutting strips for me. Just want some honest evaluation on it.

  2. Well done! And some lucky children will be very happy with new cuddly quilts.

  3. What a wonderful group of flannel quilts. Love seeing that gorgeous Hugs quilt come together on your design wall and that peck of fabric is too cute! Glad I inspired you have inspired me to get back to the rest of my stash. Did I mention that flannel leftovers seem to multiply over night? Have fun!



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