Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Parfrey's Glen in Devil's Lake State Park

Wisconsin's Devil's Lake State Park is a couple of hours from our home. We left home Tuesday morning under sunny skies with a light breeze and temperatures in the high 50s. The trees aren't changing much in the park yet.

Our first stop was the South Shore picnic area of Devil's Lake. We had overcast skies, wind (not a light breeze), and the temperatures were in the high 50s. It was COLD!

Plans for hiking and shooting photographs were quickly put on hold - it was too windy to shoot and a little too cold to hike since we were not prepared for cold weather.

We drove around the lake. When we got to the North Shore, we were more sheltered from the wind and the day was much more tolerable. 

We headed to Parfrey's Glen, one of four Wisconsin State Natural Areas within Devil's Lake State Park. The long, narrow, rocky ravine/canyon was more protected. We had a beautiful hike which wasn't the easiest but it was fun.

It started as a nice flat trail

along side a stream.

Ray took pictures...

The trail became very rocky

and many times, we had to ford the stream or walk in it. 

Looking back, the trees were just starting to turn.

As we went deeper into the canyon, it narrowed.

The rocks were getting huge! Can you see the people? Yes, we climbed up and around those huge boulders.

 And there were more...

until all of a sudden, there was a waterfall! This was a wonderful place to stop for a snack. I enjoyed sitting there for a few minutes.

Then we headed back down and out of the canyon

Ray rock-hopped out to this small island to take a photo.

The trip back had some challenges - I can climb up on my belly to get from one rock to another but I couldn't get down that way. The rocks weren't always close to each other so you had to go down facing outward. Thank goodness, Ray stayed close! At one point I had to step down and out to a rock - about a 24" drop. I'm a short person and I have short legs. I still can't believe I made that without a fall! 

Many of the rocks that we were using to cross deeper water were sandy and/or wet so it was easy to slip. Luckily, we made it out of the canyon without incident. We were both tired last night and today I am stiff and sore but that's improving as the day goes along.

It was so nice to do a more normal hike and it was great to be outside on a brisk fall day.

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  1. I love your adventurous spirit. And I so enjoy reading about your hikes. Ray's photos are always so great. Glad you were safe with no accidents. Thanks for sharing!



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