Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fall? and a Little Backtracking...

We took a little tour a couple of days ago. We wanted to visit  some of the small towns 'near' us so we traveled north and west.

Shortly after leaving home, we saw a flock of geese heading south! It does seem early, doesn't it?
Taken out of side window of moving car
 We saw this Amish fellow. It was a gorgeous fall-like day.

One stop was at an Amish produce stand. The pumpkins are already ready!

The corn stalks are drying out at the bottom; the soybeans are changing color; some of the leaves on the trees are changing. Can you see the red in the bushes?
Taken out of side window of moving car
We still have a few weeks of summer but it feels like fall and I'm loving our weather. The weatherman says summer is returning midweek however - the 80s and 90s are coming back.


I finished quilting another quilt. I had a lot of trouble with the last quarter which was disappointing because I thought I was getting back in the groove of free motion quilting. I sewed the binding on and then I went to hand stitch the binding down on the back and ugh! Can you see the tension issues?

The bad news is that I had to tear out 1/4 of the quilting and need to redo it. It was easy to remove! The good news is that I knew the machine didn't feel right when I was quilting. Of course I thought it was me. Next time I'll do what I should have done - stop and look at the back of the quilt. Maybe I really am getting back in the groove...


  1. Our weather is mimicking yours ... delightfully cool now but heating back up in a couple of days. Hopefully that will be Summer's last hurrah. ;-)

    I'm sorry you have to restitch some of your quilting ... hopefully the second go will be better.

  2. Yes, listen to the was probably a glob of fuzz/lint messing with the tension.
    Enjoy the eary fall weather. We will return to the 90s by Monday--ugh

  3. My son is up near you today, with a friend, playing disc golf. Hope you have a nice day. Not looking forward to the heat the next few days.

  4. Oh no... I've had that happen too many times that I look right off now. hope the restitching went well.



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