Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Touch of Pink

I need a baby quilt for a gift in a couple of months. Not knowing if the baby is a girl or boy and not finding fabric that I like that will work for either left me no choice - I'll just make a boy quilt and a girl quilt! The girl quilt is finished. 

A few weeks ago, I pulled the blue fabric from my stash and decided it would look great with pink - I wasn't thinking of a baby quilt at the time. I just pulled some pinks from my stash and ended up using four different pieces. I made the top at a retreat in February. After putting together the quilt top, I thought it needed something more and decided on a flower. I went through lots of ideas but finally decided on a daisy - white petals with a yellow center. With the flower came the idea that this might be a cute baby quilt.

The quilt is 51" X 51". I used Dream Cotton for the batting and Minkee for the backing. I ordered the Minkee from Missouri Star - I love the pink with the white dots. The quilting is straight lines - I don't enjoy doing free-motion quilting on Minkee it moves too much! After washing the quilt, it is nice and crinkly cozy.

There is a baby boy quilt in the works - in fact, it is close to being done. Stay tuned...


  1. Beautiful quilt! Some little girl will be happy!

  2. I love the addition of the flower ... it adds a bit of interest without overwhelming the quilt or making it too froo froo. Well done.



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