Friday, March 11, 2016

Breakfast for Dinner

Red Coins is finished! I made White Coins a while back and this was in the works then. White Coins 

was the last finish before our trip in May and Red Coins is the first finish post-trip. So maybe it didn't take me forever!

No outside pictures today - it is way too warm outside. We are in an excessive heat warning.

This quilt is 61" square and I used Dream Cotton for the batting. I used a walking foot and straight stitched the quilting.

I love the back! It's just one of those pieces that I randomly buy to use for backing someday. It has all of the right colors and the reds match!

Red Coins will go on the donation pile. One day soon, the pile will shrink by 5 or 6 quilts. 

Ray is downstairs on the treadmill. I'm just taking it easy! Did I mention that I had a wart burned off of my foot - below my pinkie toe? Well the burning had to be repeated and I think it's working this time. I have a large blister. I also seem to have a case of poison ivy on my forearms. Thank goodness it is not contagious. This is definitely my summer for weird little health problems. Along with the sprained ankle which needs to get stronger but I'm not walking much this makes three weird things so I figure the weirdness is over. 

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  1. I love breakfast for supper. Very different from my breakfast casserole recipe.



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