Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Pines is finished!

I began my Winter Pines quilt quite a while ago and finished piecing it at a recent retreat. It is now quilted and bound. I thought I'd just pack it away for next winter BUT... our weather forecast says another storm is coming tonight! So I'll leave this quilt out for a few more days.

I bought the pattern, Winter in the Pines by Cindi Mc Cracken, and the fabric as a kit a few years ago. 

I didn't want the quilt as large as the pattern so I changed the size of the blocks and used the pattern for inspiration. I decided to call my quilt Winter Pines - inspired by the pattern name.

My quilt is 59" by 61". The batting is Dream Cotton and the back is a piece of flannel that I just happened to have in my stash - pine trees! I quilted around each block and did a spiral in each square, three spirals in each rectangle. The border is quilted with small spirals and large petals surrounding them.

It was so nice to get outside and take photos of this quilt on my neighbor's fence. Looks like tomorrow I'll just wrap this quilt around me and enjoy a snowy day.


  1. What a nice finish ... in such pretty fabrics! Well done. And just in time from what you're saying of the forecast. Stay warm, stay safe, my friend.

  2. Nice quilt. Hope the snows missed you. We got less than an inch, thank goodness.

  3. It's beautiful Jeanne! Hope the coming storm isn't too bad.

  4. This is absolutely lovely! You must have been so pleased with the finish! Am visiting from The Cuddle Quilter this morning. Have a great weekend! ~karen



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