Monday, February 15, 2016

A Baby Quilt Finish

I was making a non-gender specific baby quilt but... someone that lives here with me I won't mention his name! didn't really care for the colors in the quilt, specifically the green.  It's not a big deal to make another quilt - I have plenty of time - so I'll just donate this one.

The quilt is about 51 inches by 53 inches with Dream Cotton batting. I quilted it with spirals although I think you might call them wonky or wobbly spirals. It's the first time I've done a whole quilt with spirals and I was surprised that it turned out as well as it did!

The quilt does lie flat - one just has to smooth it out before taking pictures. The back was one length of fabric with an insert of leftovers from the front. Yes, I had lots of green left because I tried not to use too much knowing that what's his name didn't like that color.

I've been trying to find a bright focus fabric to make another quilt and have given up. I'm just making a girl quilt and a boy quilt.  I'll donate the extra one.

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