Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More finishes!

It's been rather busy around here lately. We are getting a new roof and then they will fix the water damage that we had from leaks while we were traveling AND they will also fix the water damage we had from last night's storms. So glad I heard the water dripping on our new hardwood floors!

In the meantime, I've been busy! Yes, more finishes! I am determined to move through at least part of this pile of WIPs!  This is a donation quilt that I began because I wasn't sure if I needed a baby boy or baby girl quilt earlier this year. The darling little girl was born and this quilt never got finished but now it is! It's about 48" square. 

I used the walking foot to straight stitch the quilting on the blue areas and I free-motioned the little design on the white squares - you can really tell that I need more practice with my free-motion quilting. It's one of those skills that requires constant practice and I haven't done any for weeks. I'm hoping to change that in the next few weeks.

I love the fabric on the back.

I put together this wall hanging at the July retreat. It is now quilted and ready for October. It is a kit that I picked up at The Sugar Pine Company in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

I free motion quilted a few spider webs and a spider.

The back is full of spider webs and spiders.

My knitting needles also have been busy. This cowl is on the blocking mat.  If you want to know about the yarn and pattern, it is all here.

There are more finishes coming! Another very special quilt will be shown soon and just wait until you see the next pair of socks!


  1. It's BLUE AND WHITE!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! Last night's storms were just to the East and South of our area. I'm so sorry to 'hear' of your situation!!!!! "Life" has a way of keeping us on our toes and BUSY with unanticipated occurrences, yes???
    Your quilting is perfect and I'm sure it will be loved!!!! Hugs..........

    1. Blue and white is always good! Glad the storms missed you. We really needed that 1.5" of rain even if some came in the house. The guys are here working and will just take care of everything - so nice to have people! ~Jeanne

  2. Sorry about the water damage but it sounds like it is all fixed. Beautiful quilt and I think the quilting looks great!

  3. Having dealt with a leaky roof, I know what a headache it can be. So glad that you're getting yours all fixed ... did your floors get damaged?

    I just LOVE that blue and white nine patch! It's spectacular! And the quilting is wonderful.

  4. NIce to have some pretty finishes. Your freemotion looks good to me! Glad your roof is getting fixed. Ours in in poor shape and is on the roofer's list for sometime in the next two weeks - and until then I worry just a little every time it rains that this is the time the leaks will start...

  5. Your blue and white quilt is stunning! I think your quilting looks wonderful! Congrats on such great finishes. As to the leaky troubles, sad face, but glad things will be on the mend soon!

  6. Love two color quilts....and that witch is adorable! We got a new roof in May after a big hail storm and now we're adding siding to the few parts of our house that are wood (it's mostly brick) as well as new gutters. Home repairs are never ending! blessings, marlene

  7. Lots of cute finishes. Hope the new roof is working nicely.



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