Sunday, August 23, 2015

A very special quilt

These two grandsons love to sew! I think they just like power machines that they are allowed to use. Someday the saws and drills will be better than the sewing machine. Almost every time they come, they ask to sew. We have made quilts and they are just about done with a donation quilt but we had to stop and make a very special quilt.

Their grandpa on the other side of the family is ill with cancer. I thought we should make him a quilt and they totally agreed. I did some prep work and we accomplished a lot in one day last week. (notice the top picture) They sewed most of the day. They took a couple of breaks and then wanted to sew more. Their Grandpa's birthday gathering was Saturday and they wanted to give him the quilt then.

They both use the sewing machine - the younger one with help. The older one also uses the rotary cutter WITH the glove and supervision. They both use the iron with supervision - I think the older one understands pressing better though. Their work was amazing - their 1/4" seams were almost perfect!

I finished putting together the quilt, quilted it with a walking foot and put on the binding. The quilt is 72" square. This is the fastest I've ever made a quilt this size - 5 days! Of course, I had great help!

It has green flannel on the back.

I stitched in a little love.

This precious label took 4 tries! They wanted it perfect - they do love their grandparents! - and were trying so hard that one of them messed up 2015 on one label! 

I'm sure Grandpa Mike will be able to feel the love in this quilt and I hope it gives him much comfort knowing two of his grandsons made it especially for him.


  1. The quilt is amazing! What a fabulous tribute to the boys and their grandpa Mike! So wonderful that you were able to help them make such a fabulous gift!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful job the boys did ... how proud they should be of themselves and their efforts. I'm sure that their Grandpa Mike will treasure that quilt all the more because his grandsons made it just for him.

  3. That is totally sweet and the warmth that comes from that quilt is all the hugs that were sewn into it!!! It's gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thank you Doreen. The boys wanted this quilt perfect and it is darn close! ~Jeanne



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