Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello Cowboy State!

We got up this morning to sunshine. It was actually 41 degrees when we left but the car was in the sun and registered a little warmer when we first started.

It was a great drive with very little traffic. We stopped at Fort Robinson, a military outpost in western Nebraska. It is now a state park and it would be fun to spend a few days there.

We arrive in Wyoming before mid-morning. I had to have a photo of this 1886 Redwood Water Tank in Lusk.

Did I happen to mention that we brought a Flat Me of each of  our grandchildren – all eight of them? They loved arriving in Wyoming.

Wyoming greeted us with many coal trains and lots of oil wells. We also saw many large ranches. We saw cowboys doing a roundup and later, near Crowheart, we were in the middle of a cattle drive coming down the highway! The cowboys – some on horseback and some on 4 wheelers were just nudging them along.
Cattle on the right side of the road
and on the left side of the road
One of the cowboys resting his horse
Today we saw many herds of antelope as well as sheep, llama, deer, cattle, horses, and an eagle.

We are in Dubois, WY tonight. Love this little town! We couldn’t check into our lodge because the check-in lady wasn’t available so the cleaning lady gave us the keys so we could move into our room! Later the owner spent at least an hour talking with us. So friendly! 

The Flat Mes got cowboy hats since we are in Wyoming. They looked like real cowboys!

We walked through the town and through a park. It was cool and windy but no real rain today just a few drops here and there. We had sun and clouds all day.

When it was time for dinner, our lodge owner suggested three places to eat and then said the Cowboy Café is consistently good and homemade. Our decision was made. The homemade tomato basil soup, the homemade chips and our sandwiches were all great. The peach caramel crunch pie warmed with a little ice cream was heavenly!
We shared...

 Some other photos from the day:
Nebraska scenery

Nebraska scenery
Wyoming scenery
Wyoming scenery

A stone couch in the Dubois park
The Flat Mes meeting a bronze cowboy and his horse.
Our room tonight with a handmade bed

Our lodge tonight
To make a great day even better, we just found out that our oldest Granddaughter Grace, who graduated from fifth grade tonight, received a number of certificates and a trophy (the Principal’s Award). We are so very proud of her. Way to go, Grace!

States visited on this trip: 5

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  1. Wow, a cattle round up using horses and 4-wheelers. You'll definitely have some memories! I love seeing your Flat Grands going along with you.



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