Monday, May 4, 2015

A quilt finish and a little catching up...

I'm managing to stay quite busy! 

Last week, we had HUGE garage sale with Brent and Emily. So glad to have a LOT of stuff gone from our house and garage! It was time to do some cleaning out and now it is done! Nothing came back to our house - yay! And I have money!!!


I did get this tablecloth quilt done. 

It will be used on our screen porch table this summer. I love the colors - they just say summer!

The fabric is Moda Folklore by Lily Ashbury - I used a jelly roll and pieced this at a retreat a few weeks ago.


Of course the dehydrator is still running.

  • I tried a new crazy fruit - banana strawberry - very good!
  • We found that pears are wonderful - they rate right up there with apple slices (my favorite)!
  • Raspberries are good - I had to try them because Grandson Mack asked me if I had. He thought they would be good! They didn't overtake pineapple as his absolute favorite though. 

My 'canned good' drawer

  • After cooking some Acorn Squash, I mashed it with a fork and rolled it thin. I did not add anything. It dehydrated fine and I hope to use it as mashed squash.
  • I partially cooked and cubed Butternut Squash and hope to use it in soups.

Overflow of 'canned goods' sit on the counter


Ray has his 1-year checkup next week. We know he is still  cancer-free. He is doing great and exercises as much or more than before his surgery. We continue to eat a healthy whole food diet. He feels wonderful and is enjoying life.


We leave soon on our next Big Adventure - this time we are touring most of the northwestern states and also crossing into Canada. Only two more weeks until we leave! Lodging is in place. A number of dehydrated meals are ready to go. We have maps and travel guides. My to-do list is very short!

Ray attended a photography workshop on Saturday so I think he has now figured out his latest gadget. He'll be taking LOTS of photos.

I have my knitting set to go. I do hope to 'finish' a sweater for Ray before we go. I'd like the knitting all done; I can sew it together when we get home. I have just a little more than one sleeve to go.

The hardest part of any trip is deciding what to take. Since we'll be driving the jeep, our space is a little more limited. If we do run into snow, we'll be really happy that we have the jeep though! We have washers and dryers at almost every stop so we'll be fine with just a few clothes. 

The next two weeks will fly by as most weeks do anymore. We plan to enjoy each day, however and we are still Loving Retirement!


  1. Sounds like you have a fun adventure planned! It is great to see you both living life to the fullest. Safe travels.

  2. Your trip sounds like so much fun! How long will you be gone? Your itinerary sounds like one we'd like to put together ... we just can't quite pull ourselves away from the beach. ;-)

  3. What a fun trip you have planned - be safe and enjoy! blessings, marlene

  4. Your tablecloth quilt is awesome! What a great idea! Congrats for hubby doing so well with the checkups. What a trip you will have. Enjoy every minute!

  5. The tablecloth quilt is cute. Have fun on your trip. You'll be leaving about the time I get back.



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