Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Rainy Canadian Day

We have LOTS of daylight. It is light by about 5AM and gets dark by about 10 PM! We awoke to a cloudy sky and a light drizzle. The clouds in the mountains are neat this morning - here are some shots from the deck.

Since we were in rain, we spent much of the morning shopping in Canmore. First stop was a GREAT fabric store, The Sugar Pine Company. There were notions,
 sweatshirts, shirts, gifts, some fabric,
and then the entire upstairs was fabric, kits, and patterns!

And I did not get a photo of the yarn! I did find a t-shirt, some post cards, a neat quilt kit for Halloween, and yarn for two pair of socks. Maybe I'll find time to stop by again before we leave. So glad we found this place!

This afternoon we went to Banff National Park. The city of Banff is within the National Park. 

When we were taking pictures of the above sign, Ray noticed the back of the sign down the road. Interesting! That is a picture of Mount Rundle.

We saw the Banff Fairmont Hotel. I looked a little bedraggled from all of the rain...

Here's a photo of the Hotel with some guy's head - sorry!

It's not raining tonight but the clouds are moving in. The forecast doesn't look good for tomorrow but we are hoping for some rainless hours.


  1. I have been to that shop! Nice to revisit it reading your blog!

  2. Love that little shop ... glad you found some "souvenirs". ;-) And thanks for sharing your pictures ... I may never get to Banff, so I'm enjoying seeing it through your eyes.

  3. That sure is a neat shop that you visited. Loved the "Quilt Shop Upstairs" sign at the bottom of the stairs! The Hotel sure is big! I'm guessing it's really old. They just don't build things like that any more!

  4. I'd get lost in that hotel. Glad you are having fun.



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