Sunday, July 6, 2014

A pinwheel finish!

I was going to make a disappearing pinwheel block - just a sample so I'd remember the block. After making one pinwheel block, I decided not to cut it up. I would just make a baby quilt because I didn't have a lot of the white dotted background fabric and I really liked the brightness. 

So I made 5 blocks and then realized that I was running out of the background fabric. So I played with the blocks on my design wall and came up with this layout. I used all of the dotted white background fabric and all of the turquoise sashing fabric. In fact the sashing fabric is pieced in a couple of places because I didn't have enough to cut the needed pieces.

After finally getting the quilt pieced, I had to decide how to quilt it. A few days earlier I saw that Leah Day had free-motion quilted a pinwheel with straight lines and a snaking line. So I decided to try that. I started free-handing the lines. Then I decided to try to use a guide ruler My paper piecing rulers worked really well. The lines on the green were free-handed without rulers.

The 'solid' color pieces of each pinwheel have straight lines going towards the center and the background/dot pieces have a snaking line with rounded ends.

When the pinwheels were quilted, I had to decide what to do in the sashing. I tried river rocks once before with not a good outcome but I decided to try again.

The turquoise sashing looks too gray here.
It was much easier with my new quilting setup.

The turquoise sashing looks too gray here.
The turquoise on the front and this backing fabric which I absolutely love were purchased in January on our trip to North Carolina. I bought them to make a purse. Guess we'll just have to go back so I can get more!

I used a reversible binding. The binding on the back is yellow (see above) and the binding on the front is a turquoise with dots (see below).

This quilt is about 40" square and has Dream Poly batting.

I love that even though I started to make a sample block, I ended with a bright donation quilt.

Ray update: Ray has a new noseless bicycle seat and can ride his bike again!!! Yesterday was his first real ride since his surgery (he went 10 blocks the day before to try out the seat) and his first ride of 2014. He went almost 10 miles and loved every second! His recovery is going pretty well.


  1. How awesome that Ray is able to get back on his bike!

    That little quilt is just too adorable! I love the gradation of pinwheel sizes. The colors are nice and bright, and that backing is gorgeous. This little quilt is a winner!

  2. What a fun quilt! Glad Ray is healing well. I've still been thinking about both of you.



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