Friday, July 11, 2014

Kitchen is done - sort of!

Before Ray's cancer surgery, he kept busy trying to clean up all the little jobs that had been put off and some big ones. At one time we had talk about redoing our kitchen. All of a sudden, we were making decisions and within a week, everything was set for our 'new' kitchen! The cabinets would be refaced in hickory. 
The old peninsula.
In early June I totally move out of the kitchen. That was a good thing after 25 years. Lots of things went to the garage sale pile and some went to the pantry shelves in the basement. Everything else just hung-out in the dining room.

On June 6, the builders refaced our cabinets and installed new doors, new drawers and new shelves. The lower shelves now all pull out. The cabinets and drawers are all soft-closing. We had to change a bank of 4 drawers to 3 drawers in order to get the raised panel on the drawer fronts. I was concerned about losing my spice drawer so they built me a special insert in one drawer for my spices!
Refaced cabinets and new granite countertop.
Less than a week later, we had new granite countertops and a huge new egranite sink. I love the size and the depth. The two sinks have a low divide so big pans fit down in the sink.

New sink.
The following week, the backsplash was in place and grouted. We wanted rather neutral colors but I love the gray/blue in the glass tiles. It really goes with the blue paint. In the future about any color will look great with it.

The blue on the walls is a steel blue, not very bright.

I moved back into the kitchen and I love it. The appliances will be replaced as needed, probably in stainless steel.

The only problem is that the floor doesn't go with the kitchen at all. Ugh! The first floor of our home is partly an open concept and that means that when you redo flooring, you redo ALL flooring at the same time. We were going to wait a year or two but are now rethinking that decision. We are also trying to figure out what we want - oh, I hate this kind of decisions!


  1. I love your choices! They will be easy to live with for a long time......this from one who redid her kitchen 38 yrs ago and still loves it!!! Several years ago I had to replace our (free standing) stove with a new steel/5 burner cast iron top convection model (Sears' Kenmore) that!! I've not had anything but gas so no comparison factor here. Those cabinets are such gorgeous wood and I'm so glad you were able to take care of the spice storage. The granite would be nice for any type of food prep. Funny how sometimes life intervenes and progress comes rapidly!! Hugs............................

    1. Thanks! I prefer more neutrals - my tastes have changed! Oh, I would love a gas stove - the next one will be! There is a gas line to the house now so when this electric one goes...
      We made all of the decisions so rapidly and love everything. Now the flooring - we've already debated over it longer than the entire rest of the kitchen took! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a beautiful transformation! Good luck on the flooring.

  3. The decision making part is the hardest part of remodeling. But afterwards - bliss. :) blessings, marlene

  4. What a lovely job of updating your kitchen. I would love to have pull out shelves and self closing drawers. I love all the neutral colors!

  5. It looks beautiful! I love the cabinets you have chosen!

  6. There are no doors in our 1st floor, just doorways. Our 'center' (kitchen, hall to front door, hall to pantry and laundry room & powder room) are all done in hardwoods. The living room/dining room area are carpeted, as are the office and the family room. They all are 'off' the hardwoods' and it looks great. The hardwood area had been linoleum tiles before we moved in. We did keep the linoleum in the laundry room (it does have a door). Have fun with your 'new' kitchen.

  7. Your kitchen redo looks wonderful! Great idea to have the easier opening drawers and the larger sink!

  8. Love your kitchen! Some day I want to up my cabinets and get my double oven back again (had one in my last house and loved it!). We are replacing appliances as needed. Just waiting on the stove to go - already have the fridge and a very quiet dishwasher. Good luck with the floor decision. We want to replace the carpeting but I want wood and the hubby wants ceramic tile. A couple years to work it out before we do it.

  9. What a beautiful and sunny kitchen - had not seen any of these photos.



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