Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quilts are on the way

I just packed up every donation quilt in this house - all nine of them - for victims of the Washington, Illinois tornado.

The wonderful people at Peddler's Way I really need to visit this shop.  are coordinating the efforts if you have any quilts that you want to donate. As of this morning, they are still accepting all sizes of quilts.

It's tough being a victim. We've been blessed to walk away from natural disasters  with our health and many of our belongings. We were both affected by the tornado on April 21, 1967 in Belvidere, IL and recently by the September, 2013 Colorado floods. Many are not so lucky and I'm glad we can help is some small way.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
I've included a picture of our backyard. 

It's really cold out.
I just stepped out onto the screened porch 
and snapped this shot through the screen 
so it looks a little weird. sorry 
It looks and feels like WINTER!


  1. generocity is such a good expression of showing your thankfulness! happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Blessings to you this special day. It is a tragedy to suffer such loss at any time but to have it occur with the upcoming holidays/winter makes it doubly(?) difficult. Your generosity will be such a huge encouragement to so many!!! Hugs......

    1. Thank you Doreen. I know you are counting blessings today as we are. Enjoy your day and your family.

  3. What a great place for those donation quilts to go. I wish I had some finished. There will be lots of needs for a long time.



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