Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A November finish!

I just finished a wall hanging! I haven't seen my sewing machine very much this month so it feels really good to have a finish.

I don't usually use panels but I really liked this one and bought it last month at Lucky 2B Quilting. I think I began this on November 2 - just as life was getting really crazy. The quilting is straight horizontal lines except for the leaves which have free motion feathers around them. 

This is now hanging on our side porch/entry way - in the narrow space between the door on the right and the wall on the left. 

I think this may stay on the porch all winter - and yes, it is winter here even though the calendar says not yet! The ground is totally covered with snow and more is falling right now!


  1. That is so pretty and looks like a perfect fit on the wall. Love the cardinal on the top!

  2. You have made a very pretty wall hanging! I just love cardinals! I would leaving it hanging all Winter as well. I'm trying to find something I can hang on the wall beside my door, but it's very narrow. Every time I go in or out the door that little spaces calls to me. You did a wonderful job!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I love it!!! I would leave it up, too!!! October was the month of no sewing for me and I've been 'feeding' my sewing 'itch' ever since!!! Great job and Thanksgiving Blessings!!!



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