Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am so blessed

I feel like I am in Heaven! But I'm in Iowa ready to go to Quilt Camp. Four months ago this was one of my goals after spine surgery. It was an "outside" goal because the doctor said travel at probably 6 months. But I really am here!!!

It will be a little different this year. First, I have my man-slave with me. He'll be doing all of my lifting and carrying. Second, we (man-slave and I) traveled today instead of tomorrow with girlfriends. Tomorrow (for me) is for resting and getting ready although I have already cut out a project tonight! Third, I might not be able to put in long hours at the barn - I have to listen to my body. But I really am here!!!

Man-slave will be doing some biking in his off-hours. We are right next to a bike trail. We took a walk tonight - there is quite a bit of property where we are staying. 

I asked man-slave to pose for a picture and he kind of had to - after all he is my man-slave this week!

I am still having trouble believing we are really here. I am blessed to be here and to have my very own, very special man-slave!

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  1. So happy for you that you are doing well enough to go and that Ray is such a good sport to go along and slave for you. :)



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