Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Quilt Camp Projects

These are the projects I began at Quilt Camp. I have completed them since returning home!

The 10-Minute Table Runner
This really was fast to make and I completed it at camp. It took me a little longer than 10 minutes because I squared off both ends rather than making points.

Small Table Mat
I bought the fabric and pattern a while ago - Ray really liked the colors and design. I pieced the mat when I was at the motel. After returning home, I free-motion quilted it and did a horrendous job but it is my first real attempt at free-motion quilting and I guess you have to start someplace!

This is the small quilt that I worked on most of the time at camp. The whole thing is about 20" by 20". It has lots of small pieces and I really enjoyed making it. I machine quilted it in a cross-hatch pattern.

Halloween Table Runner
I saw this made at the quilt shop in Forest City, Iowa. I bought some fabric and pieced it at the motel. When we got home, I machine quilted it with unmarked straight lines - a first for me. It actually turned out pretty good!

and I like the striped back!

All the projects I began at camp are finished! 
A few things came home that aren't started.
 Oh, I would hate to have nothing to do!

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  1. I've been attempting free-motion quilting too the last while. I have a long way to go until it's presentable that's for sure!



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