Friday, May 21, 2010

A special day!

Yesterday was very special - yes, because we are here, but also because I was able to spend time with each of the kids one on one. What a gift!

When we arrived in the morning, Grace was at school, Jackson at preschool, and Colter was sleeping, so we just enjoyed Crosby. He smiles easily and is just a joy to watch.

When Colter got up, he went with Brad, Ray, and me to have lunch with Grace at school. After we got home, Crosby was sleeping and we got to play with Colter. What a game of hide-n-seek we had - he would tell one of us to shut our eyes, then he went to the kitchen and "counted", then came and told us he found us! He was really enjoying himself as were we!

Colter went for a nap shortly after Jackson got home from preschool. Everyone was busy so Jackson and I took a walk. We found the source of noises that he thought were alligators in a drainage ditch sheltered by trees - it was a house being built on the other side! What a wonderful imagination!

After Grace got home from school, she and I spent some time learning to use a sewing machine. She loved it! At first she sat on my lap and I ran the foot feed as she fed the material. Before we were done, she was doing everything and would have gone on all night if we'd had more to sew!

Tonight we get to go the Firefly Festival at Grace's school. It is going to be great!

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