Thursday, May 27, 2010

OBX update

Tuesday, May 25

We slept in and were quite lazy this morning! Breakfast at Henry’s and then to the business of the day - groceries! After visiting Harris Teeter (which was fun - we really enjoy wondering through BIG grocery stores), we went to a fresh produce stand about ½ mile from our cottage. Fresh tomatoes and strawberries - what a find!

After lunch we went to the beach on the ocean side - riptide warnings and No Swimming signs were posted. We walked from 5th street to the Avalon Pier and back. It was very breezy and the waves were really rolling. Our glasses were covered with sea spray - it was amazing how much clearer the day was when we removed them!

Later we walked to the Front Porch Café and enjoyed mango/green tea smoothies. Weren’t sure about the flavor (the only flavor!) but after trying a sample, decided it was good! You don’t have to pay to use their Wi-Fi but you do have to be a customer.

After dinner we walked about 2 miles around our neighborhood. (I finally dug out my pedometer tonight.).

The weather has been wonderful - mid 70s again today! Tomorrow we plan to head north to Corolla.

Wednesday, May 26 - Wild Horse Day

Got up early (for us) and headed north to Corolla. We went to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Ray climbed to the top.

hen we found a jeep tour to see the wild horses. There were two other people (a man and his college-aged daughter) and our driver, Mike. A few miles after heading north, we entered the 4 WD beach. There was a storm surge last night so the waves covered the beach and moved the dunes back. That means the beach wasn’t the easiest to drive on today. Besides the beach, Mike drove us back in the dunes. In the 4 WD area, we saw many horses, walked on the dunes in the superfine sand , got stuck in the sand, helped some guys in a truck get unstuck, saw a lot of huge houses… We were within 2 miles of Virginia when we turned to head back. It was a great trip!

After a picnic lunch, we did some shopping. In Duck, we were in a store that mainly sold clothes but also homemade fudge. The lady was just finishing a batch when Ray said something about licking the bowl. and she handed it to him! Oh, it was good!

On our way home this afternoon, we stopped to get more strawberries - they are sooooo good!

We are enjoying wonderful weather although it is still breezy. We still haven’t used the A/C!

Thursday, May 27 - Lighthouse Day

Up early - gorgeous day but warmer. Headed south to Cape Hatteras. The landscape is very different from here - not as many trees, the island is VERY narrow in some places, less commercial business and more open spaces. We visited the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton and the Bodie Island Lighthouse which is under restoration. We decided not to go to Ocracoke because we didn’t want to spend all day in the car!

Fish tacos for lunch at Mulligan’s Raw Bar and Grill. Good! The peach cobbler was good too!

It was too hot for us to go to the beach - the high 80s and little wind. We visited a few shops. Then home to the A/C.

Now the sky is overcast and the temperature has dropped. I wore a sweatshirt for our evening walk!

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