Saturday, September 12, 2009

We worked in the barn

We quilted on the second floor of the barn. In addition to quilting space, there was a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and snacks - who could want more? The ceiling fans and the floor fans were used a lot since we had wonderful weather that got a little too warm in the afternoon.

We each had our own workspace. People were setting up for camp.

There were quilt everywhere - on the walls,

and by the snacks.

The work area was very busy at times.

We had access to everything - the barn and the shops 24 hours a day!

I worked too! The snacks were right behind me. Notice the quilts in the background. In the right back of this photo is our meeting place. We officially met twice a day for new patterns, announcements, to play games, etc.

The girls from Missouri. On the far right is Marcia - the quilt police! We could not have asked for a nicer or funnier police person!

This is the place I cut my fabric too. In fact, that is my cutting board on the table.

We could work anywhere. Sometimes people chose to work on the porch of the barn.

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