Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Northwest Illinois last week! A home outside of Lena was rebuilt for the Stott family in 1 week - actually 106 hours. Lena is only 15 miles away. Ray was able to volunteer on the site for four hours last Sunday. I didn't get my request in in time to work on the site - I was less than 2 minutes behind Ray! We did go to the site on Monday night just to see how things were going and I took this picture of the new house.

I was able to volunteer to do some sewing. The fabric was very slow and late getting to the site so we didn't really get very busy until Tuesday and the house had to be ready to reveal on Wednesday by midday! Yesterday (Tuesday) I began sewing at 10:30 AM and finished after midnight! We did pillows for the family room - brown and cream with a little gold, and pillows and curtain panels for the master bedroom - black, cream, and yellow.

Working on another pillow:
Our official sign at Good Times.
Krista was REALLY sewing!!!
One yellow pillow.
Gracie and her creation that matched the flowers in the curtain panel.
It was getting late and it took ALL of these people to make this one yellow pillow!
Wednesday officially arrived and we were tired so we all stopped working for Ray to take our picture.
It was FUN! I hope the Stott family likes what we made!

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