Saturday, February 28, 2009

Works in progress ... pictures!

OK - a couple of pictures! I saw a quilt in an Eleanor Burns book. The pattern wasn't in the book; the quilt was just in a photo. My quilt is very similar to the photo. I don't know how large the one in the book was; this one will be about 102" X 120". This picture shows the only side with a border on it! Lots of work to do yet.
This tablerunner was a kit. You can't see all of the detail in the picture but you can see that it is not done!
Sorry, I can't show baby quilts until they are delivered (pun intended!). My sewing rooms are overrun with projects right now - what a mess! And of course, I cannot show my special project... but I did a lot of work on it today!


  1. Now that's better. Pictures, I'm liking that! :) They're both great. I like the fabric in both of them.

  2. You are such a prolific seamstress. Just amazing how many beautiful projects you complete.



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