Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Evening of Music You Love

Ray was the emcee of the Sunny Day Preschool sponsored event last night at the Apple River Stagecoach Event Center. An Evening of Music You Love featured Tim Janecke (who grew up here), Andrea Amdahl Taylor, and accompanist Pat Beckman. We had a wonderful evening listening to these Chicago professional singers! Tim was a really good vocalist in high school but every time we hear him sing, we are amazed at how great a singer he is now! We were able to visit with many friends and even saw two of the volleyball players from the 1999 state tournament team - Quinn and Jody. There just wasn't time to talk to everyone! In the Silent Auction we 'won' Fonzee's Party Pack - ribs, 3# pulled pork, and 3# brisket. We just need to give him a couple of week's notice and we'll have a party!

We are feeling better(!) and we are crossing our fingers that we will only get better each day with no more relapses.

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