Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crawfordsville, Indiana

We got a good start this morning. Even had the chance to visit with one of our county's finest when we stopped at the coffee shop in Stockton. Ron S. was there with a Stockton officer. Anyway it has been a beautiful day. There was no snow anywhere on the ground by the time we got to Bloomington, IL. Going east from there, there was LOTS of flooding. And we saw many flocks of geese. Some were going north and some were really disorganized! We arrived here in Crawfordsville about 4:30 eastern time. We decided to walk for a while - it was 50 degrees(!) but the wind was cold. The lady at the motel recommended Creekside Lodge for dinner - great salad and Ray's brownie cheesecake was superb!

We continue to keep Uncle Bud, Aunt Helen, Dave, Sarah, Lisa, Eric, and Izzy in our prayers. The update from Sarah this afternoon said decline is occurring in all areas.

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