Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charleston, W Viginia

Well, we dodged potholes all morning - the roads are full of them! It was cold but mostly sunny all day. We ate lunch at Gramma's Pizza right on Main Street in Batavia, OH. That may have been the best pizza we have ever had! They make the dough daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times to keep up with demand. We had today's special - Bacon/Tomato/Ranch pizza. The people running the place are Greek and if we hadn't been so full, we would have tried the baklava. Wish we had gotten a take-out! Now we are just south of Charleston, WV. and it is cold here! We just walked back from the Texas Steakhouse and that wind is really bitter! I think we'll be boring and just celebrate the New Year here at the motel - Ray has a John Wayne movie on TV so we are set! Happy New Year to all!

We have no news on Uncle Bud but we continue to pray for that family.

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