Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A two-year quilt and a new pillow

This bright string quilt was started at a retreat in June, 2013. 

The top was finished in October of 2013 and finally sandwiched and quilted this past spring. 

I finally hand sewed the binding  at the retreat in July. It has now been laundered and it is finished! Whew! It's a good thing every quilt doesn't take me over 2 years to make!

The back is a patchwork of lime green fabrics - bright and fun. I think this will go into the donation pile but I'm still debating - I love it!

I also finished a pillow. At the recent retreat, I had a kit that I bought a few years ago. It was for a small twister table topper. A piece was missing and I didn't really want the table topper so I started making a pillow. A couple days ago, I used the binding fabric to make the cording and I quilted the top with paisley - the first free-motion quilting that I have done in over 2 months. The back is an envelope - the same color as the light fabric.

I'm working on a large pile of WIPs. And I feel like I'm making a LITTLE progress!


  1. I love that bright and cherry quilt. That would look great hanging somewhere =) A very cute pillow and go you for getting some finishes.

  2. Yay for finishes!! They're both fabulous. I feel like the quilt I'm currently quilting is going to take two years to finish! :-o

  3. Love them both!!!! I've been trying to sew up some of my 'lurking' projects,too. Slow but anything done is better than nothing!

    1. Thanks. Right now my pile is TOO BIG. It is wonderful to have a couple of finishes. I'll keep plugging away. I agree that anything done is progress! ~Jeanne

  4. I love that quilt! It's so bright and cheerful. I'd have a tough time letting it go, but I'm sure wherever it ends up it will be enjoyed and appreciated.

  5. Your quilt is stunning! Love the bright colours and that gorgeous back! Well done!

  6. I love your string triangle quilt! I really do need to do some string piecing as it makes some really pretty blocks! I haven't tried any string piecing yet.



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