Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oh Canada...

We left early this morning for a long day of travel.
7:51 AM
We crossed the boarder at Sweetgrass-Coutts around 9:30 AM. Crossing was smooth but there was some problem/holdup a couple vehicles ahead of us and the border agent was a little abrupt when it was our turn. When asked for our passports, Ray handed him our passports and our car registration. Ray was promptly handed back the registration and told "This does not qualify as a passport." Thank goodness when Patti followed us through and did the same thing, he was much nicer. Today was her first time entering Canada.

This is our first time in Alberta and so far, we would say it is beautiful!

We spent a little time at the Visitor Center. The young lady was extremely helpful.

Some of the landscape is wide open with the mountains in the distance.

Driving along the Cowboy Trail (Route 22), we saw all kinds of ballcaps on fence posts. Ray decided to stop and get pictures.
My photo of the caps on every fence post
We met the cowboy, and one of his dogs, who owned the ranch. He said his neighbor moved out from Calgary and started the hat on the post thing with some of his friends. Now the hats are also on this fellow's land and they are from all over the world. 

The Cowboy talked to us for a while and told us about the area. He was quite friendly and informative.

Ray enjoyed driving the speed limit - can you see the 109 on the speedometer? The limit right then was 110! Of course the limit was measured in kilometers not miles.

109 on the speedometer

We ran into rain but the view coming down into the Canmore area was breathtaking.
Highway 1 going toward Canmore

More Alberta scenery

More Alberta scenery
We arrived at our condo and all is well. This is the view from the door. It is quite nice!

We have a small deck and Ray and Patti love taking photos out there.

Tomorrow is another day and we are hoping for Canadian sunshine - we have lots of sightseeing and shopping to do!


  1. I wonder if anyone else started to sing Oh Canada when seeing the title of your blog. Wow, I thought the scenery you shared earlier was breath-taking ... it doesn't compare with some of the scenery you shared today. Wow. Wow.

  2. There really are some beautiful pictures to be taken. I'm sure Ray is in seventh heaven! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have some lovely sunshine today!



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