Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some knitting finishes!

I finished this sweater while we were traveling but I just blocked it yesterday. This is the first sweater I have made in many years. I used to make sweaters for the boys when they were little. The only other time I made a sweater for me was in 1975! 
The hems and the neckline roll. This fits but I'd like it to be longer. I'd also like the sleeves to be shorter. So I will take care of that on the sweater I am knitting now.

I made this headband/ear warmer while we were traveling. The yarn is variegated - you can see the light to dark shading in the pictures.
It is now finished with a button.
It doesn't really go with my winter coat - what was I thinking?!

So yesterday I bought some 'white' yarn and made the same pattern last night. I love the lacy design.
I used the same button that the brown one has - I really wanted to get this done - the snow is coming!
I don't think you can see the buttonhole but there is one at the opposite end as the button.


  1. Beautiful! You got that headband done in one evening? I have some wool yarn for a sweater for me...... but then I moved to a warm climate. Maybe I'll have to make it for my Mom instead.

  2. Such beautiful work. I envy your being able to knit. I'd like to have some kind of needlework project to take when we travel.

    It sounds like you all will get quite a snow today. None hear ... too bad you can't send some our way, since you'll have plenty. ;-)

  3. Love those!! I have made several pair of fingerless mitts....very relaxing! Christmas Blessings!

    1. Thanks! I find knitting almost as relaxing as knitting! ~Jeanne

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  5. Jeanne, your sweater looks beautiful. Love the color. You really got it done fast among the other sewing projects you were working on. AND Christmas.

    1. Thanks Nancy,I love seeing all of your scarfs on FB. They are all gorgeous and your family looks delighted with them!



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