Thursday, December 20, 2012

A snowflake or more!

We have snow - lots and lots of snow! Yes, we are in the blizzard area today and we've had over 10" already! Our neighbor has plowed our drive twice with difficulty - he tries to keep up especially when the snow is heavy like this. Ray (pneumonia man) and I just went out and cleared in front of the garage doors, the front walk and the front steps to our house. I said I'd do it but he insisted so we both did it. That snow is HEAVY! But it is beautiful!
It is still snowing hard and the wind is blowing. The house seems to be getting socked in - the wind is coating all of the windows/screens. 

*   *   *
I had this Snowflake TIP (Totally Inclusive Project) in my pile of projects. Not sure where I bought it - probably somewhere in Iowa since it is from B'Caprice, LLC, in Polk City, Iowa.

The 12" quilt square project went together in no time - the pieces were already cut!  After the top was pieced, I sandwiched the front, batting, and back. Then I added the organza square to the top and quilted through all layers.
The organza has sparklies in it.
I machine quilted this with the motif Matrix from Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project.
Now it is hung on a small hanger and looks shimmering just like our new snow outside!


  1. How perfect - I never think about adding organza but I must buy some so I can do this! blessings, marlene

  2. Haven't gone anywhere today either! The winds are incredible at the moment. It's hard to tell if the snow has stopped or not! The road crews have kept the road open but ice covered and very treacherous! Did some sewing and got quite a bit done. Hugs, D

    1. Earlier they said this would wind down about 8, now they are saying midnight! It is pretty wild. Our county is shut down - all snow plows are off the road until winds die down. So many of our roads are not open. I got lots done today and also did some sewing - a wonderful way to spend a snowy day! Now our power keeps flickering so ??? Stay warm! ~Jeanne

  3. I never thought about adding organza, but it really adds such a beautiful touch!

    We got a little snow last week and will be getting a nice snowfall tomorrow evening. I can NOT wait!!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Love your *Snowy* quilt and your real snow. I'm a snow lover who grew up in West Virginia where we had lots of snow. I married and Alabama boy in 1973 so I don't see much snow anymore. I miss it terribly. I get so excited when we get snow!! My husband and I are both retired educators as well! I retired from 30 yrs in special ed. back in 2008 and hubby retired in Aug 2012 from a 34 yr career as Football Coach/PE/History/Guidance Counselor (last 16 yrs. We are LOVING being retired together...who knew we would still enjoy each other's company after almost 40 yrs.?!!
    I'm new to your blog via Marlene at Stitchin By The Lake. She and I have become wonderful friends as of 2009. May I invite you over to my blog. I've become a new follower of your blog and hope you will consider being my new follower. I've got to get busy on finishing up several UFO's for 2013. The 5 grandchildren keep me pretty busy which breaks up my quilting time but gives me lots of great stories.
    Gmama Jane
    *Jane Hillis* from Alabama

  5. You need to add a Followers gadget on your blog!!!
    Gmama Jane



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