Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The I Spy Tree

I finished The I Spy Tree quilt top in early February and it is now a finished quilt. This quilt is based on Bonnie Hunter's Pine Tree Point. Each tree is a color family except the one in the lower left, The I Spy Tree. That tree was made with strings of any color, some with images.

This is the first quilt sandwich that I basted with Free Fuse basting powder. What a game changer that has been for me; I may never go back to pins! 

This 51" by 61" quilt is a donation quilt. I stitched-in-the-ditch around each tree block and on each side of the sashing strips. I free-motion quilted a horizontal stipple in the background of each tree block and in the turquoise border. The lazy eight motif was used in the sashing and the light colored borders. 

Each of the nine trees have a different motif - stippling, vertical lazy-eights, improv, paisley, wavy line, feathers, spirals, double loops, and loop-de-loop. Each of the nine tree trunks also have a different motif - diagonal squiggle, ribbon candy, vertical lazy eights, squiggle, horizontal squiggle, wood grain, horizontal lazy eights, diagonal lines, and vertical lines.

The backing is turquoise and purple. I used #2600 Dove gray Aurifil thread in all of the light areas of the quilt top and on the entire back. Each tree has a 'matching color' thread as do the tree trunks.

There will be more finishes soon!


  1. Very pretty! You always make the cutest quilts.

  2. Pretty! I would think the basting powder would be hard to use on a larger project, since you have to iron it in place. I use spray baste, and can do it on my dining room table (with the table covered).

  3. Love the brights in this one and the multi-colored tree surprise in the corner. I've not heard of basting powder. How does it work? I've used the spray many times but even when I'm careful I sometimes get it where I don't want it.

  4. Congratulations on your fun quilt finish, Jeanne!! Rainbow is my favorite color. :o))



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