Friday, July 10, 2020

No finishes but ...

All right everyone, 
line up alphabetically 
according to your height. 
           -Casey Stengel

Thanks for the emails asking about us - we are well; I'm just not posting as much since I haven't finished anything. I seem to have trouble staying focused, just another pandemic thing.

First, I'll show you a little of what I've been sewing. This quilt, Tiny Log Cabins, needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

I'm playing with these blocks. I don't have a real plan yet.

I pulled these out of the orphan block bin and am working on using some/all of them in a quilt.

I added some borders to this today and now it needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

I've been working on this scrappy I spy quilt. 

The other day, our two youngest grandsons were helping sew the scrappy borders for these blocks. Seam allowances don't have to be even for this project so we just let them sew. The 6-year-old sewed this seam which has now been trimmed and used. 

And now for the other excitement in our lives - Our three 'local' grandsons visited one day. We cooked, baked, sewed, and used the Cricut. They were only here for 5 hours on a very warm day and we stayed very busy.

The tall garden gnome in our backyard, Gnomey who holds Nipper, had to be taken down. Something was attacking it from the inside. 

Gnomey and Nipper were carved in 2012. A week ago, the carving came down.

In the next few weeks, this garden will be transformed. We are replacing the area where Gnomey and his friend Nipper stood with a patio and fire pit.

And one night recently we went to a tiny country cemetery on top of a hill to watch the sunset and the moonrise which were about 5 minutes apart. 

Of course, my favorite photographer was the reason for this short trip. His new camera is on the tripod with a long lens for the moonrise. He was using the 'old' camera with a different lens for the sunset. 

So that's our news. Although we aren't too interesting, we are well and doing fine. We did have Covid-19 tests and were both negative. We continue to stay close to home, avoid most people, wash our hands, and wear our masks. We are happy to be healthy.


  1. So glad to hear you are both doing well. I think the unable to concentrate is common right now.

  2. So nice to hear from you and to know that you folks are doing well. Your quilty projects are beautiful. I especially love those tiny log cabins. Gorgeous! What a wonderful day you must have had with the boys! Take care and stay safe,

  3. Glad you are well and having some least a little. Scattered projects are better than none these days. It is hard to focus and get anywhere. Mainly I just make a mess. And not very motivated to clean it up. Going off for a photo shoot sounds like a good idea and better than being inside.

  4. Lots of fun in the sewing room, Jeanne. I was excited to see your Magic Star block in progress from the tutorial on my blog!! What a lovely time you must have had on your outing. Those sunset/moon rise photos are stunning!

  5. Glad you are staying busy. Poor Gnomy! Reminds me of that town in Wisconsin with all the carved trolls.



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