Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Time-off is done; Dignity is finished

 Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. 
It's about learning how to dance in the rain.
-Vivian Greene

I really enjoyed our time-off from making masks for a few days. I was able to finish Dignity. This quilt gets its name from the Dignity Statue also known as Dignity of Earth and Sky. We saw the statue in Chamberlain, South Dakota last June. We also shopped at The Quilt Shop in Chamberlain and that is where I bought some fabrics for this quilt. I wrote about it here.

I used a pattern to make DignityIt is quite unusual for me to buy a pattern and to use it. The pattern is Cascade by Canuck Quilter Designs. I have followed Joanne's blog for years and purchased the pattern some time ago. In February, I decided it might be a good design for my South Dakota fabric.

Dignity finished at 55" by 70", just like the pattern says. I wonder when the last time was that I used a pattern and then I wonder when the last time was that I didn't deviate from the pattern. It's been a long while!

I did LOTS of quilting on this using Aurifil #2810 turquoise thread. Most of the quilt is free motion quilted with just the design strip having straight stitching using a walking foot. 

I used the serpentine stitch on the black.

The white patterned strip has a lazy eight motif.

I quilted the river path motif in the orange strip.

The yellow strip has wavy lines.
This fabric has light and dark areas
The turquoise background has a small stipple stitch.

The back of the quilt is a red/brown fabric that seemed to go well with the other colors. Until a few minutes ago, when I was looking at the blog entry about The Quilt Shop, I had forgotten that I bought fabric for the back! When I looked at that fabric in my stash, I guess I just thought I'd use it in another quilt. And I will!

For the time being, we are keeping this quilt. Our living and dining rooms have lots of Native American artifacts and this quilt really fits in with that decor so we will enjoy it.


During our time-off, I also finished the teal and white top. I really like it!

I began another quilt. I have the pieces cut and the center done; all are hanging on the design wall since I had to move things for mask making.

Our break is over and we are back in full production mode. Ray was at the doctor on Monday; he's been battling a lot of back pain. It appears that he has a pulled muscle. He noticed that our doctor was wearing a mask that she had marks on showing the number of days worn. We were talking after he got home and I message our clinic asking if masks were needed. The answer YES came back. Our inventory is very low so we are sewing. It's a way we can help... 

#pleasestaysafe #washyourhands #wearyourmask


  1. Beautiful quilts! Love seeing all the ways you quilt them. Sorry to hear about Ray’s pulled muscle, but I guess now he knows where the pain is coming from and can mend accordingly. It is wonderful that you are making masks for the sure sounds like they will be well appreciated. Take care and stay safe!

  2. Wow...great quilting! Love all the motifs you used in this one. You too are such a team to produce these masks. Hope Ray gets past the back pain. I am struggling with what I have.

  3. Great quilt finish. I like the block for the new quilt, too. Sometimes it's hard to find the need for the masks, then they suddenly appear. Most people don't want to ask for the help, or don't know where to ask.

  4. Wow! Looks like you had some BIG fun with the quilting on your latest finish, Joanne! Nice use of your mask-making break. LOVE that new quilt top AND the project you are just getting started on, too!



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