Thursday, January 30, 2020

Just plugging along

I've only been sewing a little here and there but I actually finished Batik Bowties! Making use of some scraps, I used the blocks as a leader/ender project last year so all I really had to do was sew the blocks together and quilt it. 

The layout is similar, I think, to a quilt I once saw. It's a variation of what I remember anyway. I tried to group my bowties by color.

This donation quilt is 55" square. The back is a blue dot grunge but I reversed it so the dots are on the inside of the quilt and what shows is more plain. 

Before the quilt was pieced together, I knew I wanted to quilt it in straight lines with a walking foot. I do love when the quilt tells me how it wants to be quilted early on. I used Aurifil #2600 Dove Gray thread to do the quilting.

When I first washed the quilt one of the colors ran (you may be able to see it, it's the brown on the far left above) - it's hard to believe that has now happened to two quilts in a row when I usually don't have one a year. I used a color catcher too. Anyway a little Dawn dishwashing soap and another trip through the washing machine took care of it. 


Ray is slowly progressing. We'll see the surgeon again next week and hopefully get some answers as to why he still has shooting pain at night.

I'm having some problems with food allergies. I have a severe allergy to broccoli but something else is giving me fits. The reaction isn't as bad as for broccoli but I feel blah most of the time along with some other symptoms. I'll see the allergist near the end of February. In the meantime, I'm trying to track down the culprit(s) and cut them out of my diet. Now you know why I haven't done much quilting. So far I'm doing better today.


  1. I love a good bow tie quilt! This one is so cool. Dawn has saved many a quilt for me too. Hate to hear Ray is still dealing with pain. I hope the doctor offers more than what I get....time, it takes time. Anyway, hope he finds some help. Food allergy.... boy they are hard to figure out sometimes. Wonder if there is a food related to broccoli that is the problem. Not even sure what it might be. Hope you can get it nailed down soon.

  2. Great bow tie quilt. That is a good idea for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Allergies are a pain.

  3. Your bow tie quilt is gorgeous! Perfect quilting. Sounds like Dawn saved the day...good idea! Sorry to hear about your allergy issues and the pain for Ray...hope both issues subside quickly!



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