Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Indy Weekend

On Friday we traveled to Indianapolis where Ray had signed up for a photography workshop and photo shoot. We decided to keep the date and headed out. On the way, we traveled south on I-39 and west on I-74 in Illinois. We saw many cars and trucks pulled over by the police. Every single time, all of the traffic moved over. Every. Single. Time! It did our hearts good. Maybe people are beginning to follow Scott's Law or the Move Over Law. Sadly on the way home, we did witness a couple of violations but thankfully, no accidents.

In Indianapolis, we rented an Airbnb right downtown. We thought we'd be within 5 minutes driving distance of the photography store and we were within 2 minutes walking distance! It was a great rental and we were very close to Massachusetts Avenue District. Mass Ave is a 5-block diagonal street that showcases art, galleries, live theater, restaurants, and interesting shops. We walked there and walked the entire district plus more every day.

On Friday night, we were both excited to see jonquils blooming. Spring!

Saturday was sunny and warm. When Ray got 'home' in the late afternoon, we again headed over to Mass Ave. The sun was bright - you can see my shadow.

There were lots of flowers and some of the flowering trees were blooming too.

There were pedal powered bars. The patrons provided the power by doing the pedaling. They had to pedal faster to turn the corner. It looked like fun! 

We passed the frozen yogurt shop, Yog├╝latte, on Friday night and stopped on Saturday night. I didn't get a picture but we both enjoyed our treat.
I wanted a picture of this Mass Ave structure and finally found a moment when no one was standing by it. Of course the construction stuff was still there.

I spent much of my weekend resting. I managed to pull a muscle in my back a couple of weeks ago and then irritated it so rest was in order. I did a lot of reading, sewed the binding on a quilt, and did a little knitting. The rest helped and I'm much better. I was checking out the stores online while Ray was at the photo shoot on Sunday - I wanted to know if we had missed anything because we still had most of Sunday afternoon to be tourists. 

We needed to head a block further north than the main part of Mass Ave to find Crimson Tate, a cute little quilt shop. So of course, we went back to Mass Ave Sunday afternoon.

First we had a great lunch at Ralston's Drafthouse and I forgot to take pictures.

Then we walked on to Crimson Tate. 

I found treasures. The fabric fat eighths (measuring 9" by 22.25 to 25") are African Wax Block Prints. I'm working on ideas to use them them in a quilt. The price of Aurifil was good if I bought 12 spools so I did. It was hard not to buy LOTS of fabric. The shop is mostly geared to modern quilters and I loved their solids among other things, many, many other things!

On the way 'home', we walked by Kilwins candy store again. (I just found out it opened 2 weeks ago.) We decided that we NEEDED to stop. We bought one caramel pecan chocolate pretzel stick and one caramel pecan chocolate Rice Krispie treat. When we got 'home', we split them. Oh my! 

We headed home on Monday. On the way we stopped and enjoyed lunch with some friends. 

We decided this little trip was just what we both needed after our very sad week. I'm so glad we went and Ray said his workshop was fantastic. 


  1. A restful weekend sounds great. Sounds like you found a perfect spot to use as base and do that sightseeing. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  2. So glad to hear about your road trip. Great pics and nice to see the spring flowers popping out! Take care of yourself,..back issues are never fun!



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