Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's been interesting

It's been interesting.

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Candlelight Service at church. It was a nice service on a cold evening. The only problem was that someone took my coat! I was hopeful that they just took the wrong coat but that doesn't appear to be the case.  It was a nice coat that was rated for -25 degrees; a coat that is needed with our current weather. 

We had a great Christmas Day and hosted a fun party. 

Then I got the flu late in the day on December 27th and it just hung on. Ray had a lighter case and is now doing well. We both had flu shots; it might have been worse if we hadn't. After a week, I am finally feeling some better, however, I can't seem to handle much physical activity. At first, my eyes wouldn't focus well and I slept for many hours each day. Now my naps are minimal and I'm getting a few little things done interspersed with lots of rest. 

My new coat should arrive tomorrow although I don't think I'll go anywhere. My appetite is slowly returning so I'll stop this crazy but cool weight loss. The New Year is getting better every day!


  1. Sorry about the coat. I always make sure my keys aren't in the pockets, when I hang my coat up somewhere. That would be even worse than losing my good coat. Glad you've turned the corner, and are starting to get better. Keep taking it easy. You don't want to relapse. Hopefully the new year only gets better from here on out.

  2. So hard to get over that stuff, but glad you see some improvement. And getting a new coat.

  3. Sorry about your coat! At least I hope it went to someone who really needed a warm coat. I've heard the flue is supposed to be especially bad this year, and the shot won't be effective for this strain. Stay warm, and take time to recuperate. Feel better soon!!

  4. Oh no! Strange with the coat disappearing at church. Glad you are on the tail end of the flu and are getting better. Take it easy and stay warm.

  5. Someone at our church mistakenly took my husband's coat and when Ken put on what looked like his coat found that his keys weren't there. After searching around we used my extra key that I carry. Funny but even the gloves in the pocket were similar. Luckily I had put a card in ken's pocket with name and phone number and the fellow called later in the day and we got it sorted out.
    I got that flu 5 days ago and it can leave anytime it wants. It's ok with me. Fever hopefully is gone now and it uphill from now on. I am always amazed at people who sew while they are sick. Not me....I just mope around feeling sorry for myself. :-) keep up the good work on your blog, I do so enjoy it.

    1. I don't expect to see my coat again. The one that was left is nothing like mine - not even the same color. At least my keys were not in my pocket and I now have replaced the coat so I'm warm! Good luck with that flu. I finally began feeling better on Friday (15 days). It was almost like a switch - just like when I got it. Keep resting!



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