Monday, August 28, 2017


I finished this cowl a while ago and I forgot to post it. The pattern is Chromatic Cowl by Amy Detjen I bought a kit at Knit Circus in June and made this for me. The yarn is Knit Circus Greatest of Ease in two colors - April Skies and Quoth the Raven. This was my second attempt at Brioche knitting and this time I succeeded! The photo leaves a lot to be desired!

Hugs Squared is done. This quilt is a gift but I can't say for whom. It is 72" X 84". The squares are all scraps of fabrics that I decided to clean out last summer. This is one of three flannel quilts using up most of the 'same' flannel scraps.

The back is also flannel with some leftover pieces from the front adding some interest. The batting is Dream Cotton. I pieced and quilted this with Aurifil thread. I did the machine quilting with a walking foot in double diagonal lines crossing each of the squares in an X. In the navy border, I quilted double lines parallel to the edge.

Ray's Chicago Bears socks are done and he likes them! The next pair will have the cuff a little longer but he said these are fine.

I thought I should include one more photo of our family trip to Lake Geneva. Youngest son and I both got parking tickets. The parking was all computerized and we had each paid $6. The tickets were issued exactly at the minute our meters expired. So if you go, be aware that there is no grace period - not even one minute! Oh yeah, the tickets were $20 each - no credit for the money already paid. I wasn't smiling about the ticket...

I am working on another one of the flannel scrap quilts - many of the intersections are off. For some reason, I decided to put the whole quilt together and then fix the problems. That wasn't smart! Hopefully I'll be ready to sandwich the quilt by the end of the week.


  1. I really like your little quilt! I haven't worked with flannel, but a friend asked me to quilt a flannel baby quilt for her. We'll see how it goes! Did you get all those tomatoes taken care of?

  2. Love the cowl scarf....very nice. The flannel quilt is very cute and should be nice and cozy. The next one that doesn't match can be wonky hugs:)

  3. Love that flannel quilt! You are so creative to come up with layouts! Bummer on the ticket - but at least you were not alone in getting one!

  4. How rude, about those tickets. I have an X on my tire, and don't know where I could have parked, that they would want to time me.



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