Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Devastation and Beauty

On July 21 we had heavy rains and severe flooding in our area. Last night Ray and I headed to nearby Apple River Canyon State Park. We decided it was time to see the damage since the flood waters had receded.

The road was barricaded so we parked the car and walked over the damaged bridge and found part of the road missing.

Pieces of the road and bridge were washed across the park.

Looking back at the bridge we'd walked across, you can see the approach is badly damaged.

We were visiting with a couple from a neighboring town. He builds roads and had just checked out the bridge. There is no longer anything holding up the approach. 

Notice the uprooted tree. It was washed down the river from somewhere - we did not find where it came from.

And a peek under the bridge.

As we were walking back to our car, some friends stopped to visit. While we were talking, Ray noticed a raccoon up on the bluff. Then there were 2 and then 3 - can you seen them? The third one is just coming out of the crevice to the right of the other two. In all, seven, yes seven, raccoons came out of that crevice and wandered up the wall!

We started home and had to stop to photograph the gorgeous sunset.

And I had to turn around and get one photo of the moon with the colored clouds.

It was so nice to enjoy such beauty after seeing the devastation in the park.

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  1. We took a picnic supper to a park on the Fox River, in Oswego. The water had been up, past our picnic table, before it crested, and started going down. There was dried mud everywhere. The water was still only a few feet from our table (it should have been 20+ feet from the edge of the river). Water can damage quickly.



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