Friday, July 14, 2017

Shenandoah Mountains

When we weren't at Bryce Resort, we found lots to do. In this picture you can see one reading and three making paper airplanes - I showed them how to make rubber band launchers.

I'm not sure how many puzzles were put together.

One day three of the kids learned about codes. This one was learning the Morse Code

and this one learned about binary and ASCII code.

There was lots of cooking and I always had helpers when I was in the kitchen. Our oldest granddaughter didn't need much guidance...

she even let her younger sister help.

One night we had a campfire and S'mores.

Ray wasn't as fast loading his Nerf gun as the grands. The gun battles eventually died down about day 4 or 5. We were there 8 days.

We decorated wooden letters. I can't believe I only got this one photo. They were all so neat! Can you see his J on the table? 

Two large gift baskets and a pie were left at our rental to welcome us. One of the baskets had glow sticks.

I woke up the last morning to find these two playing War.

Four of the kids made hot rocks. I think the other guy was watching a movie. There were lots of movies to watch.

One night most of us played Mexican Train, a fun dominoes game. It was fun to watch the kids think about their moves.

The night we had rootbeer floats, we put little umbrellas in each glass. Then people started putting the umbrellas in their hair and Grandpa really fixed this guy up!

The girls were riding with us when we went out to eat one night. It was a 20-30 minute drive to a restaurant and the older one was using my phone to take pictures of the mountains to send to her friends. Then the cute selfies began...

There was a little sewing. The two younger kids each made a jean bag.

The cooking wasn't limited to inside.

Our oldest granddaughter played her ukulele and sang for us! She doesn't sing for anyone, not even her parents. We were very honored! At that time, we were home with the two girls and everyone else was gone.

One day four of the kids went on a walk with us - we went around a block - at least a mile. There was lots of going up and down - we were in the Shenandoah Mountains - and they did great. 

We had a kid's zipline in our yard. It's near the back of the photo.

to be continued...

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