Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Great Hike

It's been another beautiful but very warm day. We got an early start and headed to Brown County State Park. 

At the North Gate entrance, you have to go through this covered bridge. However, I took the picture as we were leaving instead of arriving.

It was foggy early this morning and the fog was almost burned off when I took this photo. Notice the little cloud of fog in the center of the picture. You might be able to tell that it was a little hazy from the humidity.

Many of the roads in the park are well shaded by trees. We both loved seeing the sunlight peaking through. Ray was walking back from our parking spot to get some pictures.

It felt so good to be wearing our hiking boots - we hiked around Ogle Lake and saw some gorgeous reflections.

It was in the 70s with high humidity as we began the hike and in the 80s with high humidity as we ended. Come with me around the lake but beware of the mud and puddles.

It was very quiet and peaceful.

I loved this light shaft.

There was moisture on the leaves and in the air. We were both drenched when we finished.

Can you see the spider web? There were many webs but it was really hard to get a picture of them.

Sometimes I could see the reflections on both sides of the lake.

This little toad was guarding his doorway. 

We headed 'home' for much needed showers and lunch. Just as we were ready to eat, we had a visitor in our yard. Can you see the deer? Sadly, he saw us in the house and left.

This afternoon we went into Nashville for a little shopping and some delicious ice cream!

We are thinking about going back to Brown County State Park tonight. If it looks like there will be a pretty sunset, we'll try to get pictures.

Tomorrow we'll continue traveling toward home.


  1. Gorgeous and so picturesque!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! OUr hiking boots don't get much use in the heat of summer.

  3. Wonderful photos and I enjoyed going on the hike with you. Thanks.

  4. Love that park! We camped there one year on our way through on the motorcycle. So peaceful!

  5. Lovely place. I'm hiding out in the AC today.



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