Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Red and White Squares and a Few Hats

I guess I haven't posted for a while. Hmmm, I must be busy - I know I'm not bored! 

I finished Red and White Squares. This 49" by 60" quilt is a variation of Missouri Star Quilt Company's Floating Stars. This quilt is part of my clean-out-this-stash project -  there are only 4 more quilts to finish. I've already started working on other projects but you will see those 4 finishes before any other quilts get done!

I quilted this donation quilt in a crosshatch grid pattern using my quilt rulers.

I used Dream Cotton batting and Aurifil thread. The back has some of the leftover blocks from the front.


I've been knitting some donation hats. My 'local' yarn shop the closest one to us is collecting Chemo Hats for Halos of Hope. I decided to use some of my leftover yarn and some free patterns to make a few hats. I'm making more - it's a great use for leftover yarn.


I've been kitting some projects for an upcoming retreat. I wanted one more project but then I saw two quilts that I really wanted to make. They both have batiks. I love batiks! I have them both cut out and ready to go. I just pulled fabrics from my stash - I still have plenty 😊


  1. Really like that red finish! And the back is great too. You are so prolific....love the hat variety. Great donations.

  2. Oh, I love this red quilt, both front and back. Sometimes the simplest designs pack a lot of visual punch! Good luck with your remaining c;learing out the stash quilts! You seem to be doing a great job clearing out the yarn stash too :)

  3. You NEVER can do too many red/white quilts (or blue/white, or......). Yes....the days FLY by! At times they are a blur but not unpleasant at all.....a bit dismaying, though. My goal is to keep my hyper-awareness of every second so as to not have any regrets at the end of each day. My blogging/visiting has definitely taken a "hit" recently and "catch-up" is a might difficult...er....impossible! I think I'll just pretend I have a slate that's wiped clean and begin anew. How does that sound???? LOL! Hugs.......................

    1. I agree - two color quilts are always great especially red/white and blue/white! I think we have permission to start anew everyday Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  4. I like the backing on that quilt, too. Of course, I love the reds.

  5. Fantastic red and white quilt!
    And such lovely hats you are knitting!



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