Monday, November 14, 2016

Red Lasagna Finished and turtles???

Red Lasagna is finished! It is 57" by 60". I used Aurifil thread and Dream Cotton batting.  I quilted this with a wavy line using a walking foot.

It's another gorgeous day so I had to go outside to photograph this donation quilt. I obviously did not do a good job of spreading it out flat.

The back is a very dark navy with birds. By piecing the backing, it took about a yard less of backing fabric.


That green quilt is on the design wall again and it has turtles! I think it adds a great kid friendly element and some needed color. I just need to decide on borders. 


Today is go-see-the-doctor-day. Ray is there now and my turn is coming soon. I'm hoping a little medicine will make all this crud disappear...


  1. Love the red and white.....just in time for the season. Someone will sure enjoy it.

  2. Luv the red quilt (duh, it's red). Cute turtles. Hope you get over the crud soon.



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